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Choose the Plan that Suits You

High Level Overview of Medway’s Options

Medway Realty is all about choice. We offer several different plans to suit your needs…from Zero Monthly Fees to 100% Commission to Lead Generation Programs and More!

Find Your Plan

The Medway Realty 100% Commission Plan

If you want to keep ALL of your commission then the Medway Realty 100% Commission plan is the way to go.

  • $100 per month
  • 100% Commission on All Transactions
  • $295 per transaction to Broker
  • E&O Included

The Medway Realty Zero Fee Plan

Zero Monthly Fees and you make 80% commission on all transactions. As soon as Medway Realty receives $4000 we then pay you 100% Commission on ALL transactions!

  • Zero Monthly Fees
  • 80% Commission
  • Low $4000 Anual Cap
  • 100% Commission Once Cap Met
  • E&O Included

The Medway Realty Lead Plan

If you want to Skyrocket your Real Estate Business, the Medway Realty Lead Plan is for you! We supply you with a steady stream of leads every month and pay up to 90% Commission on ALL transactions!

  • $100 per month.
  • Make 90% Commission on Transactions.
  • $395 per transaction to Broker at closing.
  • E&O Included.
  • Steady Stream of FREE Leads.
  • Lead Drip Plans & Texting.
  • Lead Dialer option.
  • One to One Broker Coaching.
  • Extra Lead Group Training.

Compare All Medway Realty Commission Plans

Commission Plan Plan 80 Plan 100 Lead Plan Referral Agent
Commission to Agent 80% 100% 70% 25% / 75%
Commission After Cap 100% n/a 90% n/a
Membership Dues Zero $100/Monthly $100/Monthly $99/Year
Transaction Fee $195 $295 $395 $0
E+O Per Transaction Included Included Included Included
Need to Join MLS Board? Yes Yes Yes No
Leads Included? No No Yes No
On-line Coaching? Yes Yes Yes No
Broker Weekly Webinar No No Yes No


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